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Extreme weather may become normal around Indian Ocean by 2050 : worldleaks

worldleaks indian ocean

If the world continues to do nothing to control climate change, extreme weather conditions, like torrential rains and bad droughts, will become the normal around the equator by 2050, a new study has warned.

According to New Scientist, scientists from the Australian research agency CSIRO studied how climate change will affect Indian Ocean’s positive and negative oscillation by finding latest climate models.

In the positive phase, temperatures of the sea surface rise in the Arabian Sea and fall around Indonesia, and vice-e-versa in the negative phase.

Researchers completed that difference between the two Indian Ocean regions related in the Indian Ocean Dipole will great with positive events becoming more frequent.

The research warned that by 2100, these events will be at the mild end of the spectrum, but reducing planet-warming emissions soon may lessen the effect of such conditions.

One of the scientists, Wenju Cai, said that we will need to change our definitions to look up to the new normal conditions.


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Barack Obama to unveil new national security strategy in 2014 : worldleaks

worldleaks national security

US President Barack Obama announced on Friday that he would release a new national security strategy, updating a similar document he published in 2010, in which he had describe on building “strategic relationship” with India.

“I am writing to inform you of my intent to release a new National Security Strategy in early 2014,” Obama said in a letter sent to the top Congressional leadership.

Obama said the new strategy will update the vision he supplied in 2010 and identify his administration’s national security priorities for the remainder of his term, which ends in January 2017.

“Accordingly, we will submit a broader update on the whole-of-government implementation plan in the spring to reflect this new Strategy,” Obama wrote.

In his National Security Strategy of 2010, Obama said he had addressed how his administration would strengthen its global leadership position; end the war in Iraq; interrupt, dismantle, and defeat al-Qaeda; and attain economic recovery at home and abroad.

“The Strategy knew that we faced a world in transition; that we needed to reposition the US to shape that transition effectively to meet our interests, and that, to be good, a whole-of-government approach was necessary,” Obama said.

He added that in September 2012, he provided an execution plan to the Congress. In his 2010 National Security Strategy, Obama had outlined his action for India.

“The United States and India are building a strategic partnership that is supported by our shared interests, our shared values as the world’s two largest democracies, and close connections among our people,” the 2010 strategy had said.

“India’s responsible advancement serves as a positive example for developing nations, and provides an opportunity for increased economic, scientific, environmental, and security partnership,” the 60-page document had said.

The 2010 National Security Strategy had reported Afghanistan and Pakistan as epicentre of the violent extremism practised by al Qaeda.

It had said the US will foster a relationship with Pakistan founded upon mutual interests and mutual respect.


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Namibian Police Search on for missing Mozambique Airlines plane : worldleaks

worldleaks mozambique

A Mozambique Airlines flight holding 34 people route to Angola has gone missing over northeast Namibia and authorities were looking for a game park on Saturday for signs of the plane.

Flight TM 470 from Maputo was bound on Friday for the Angolan capital of Luanda with 28 passengers and six crew members on board when it lost contact with air traffic controllers, the airline said in a statement.

Namibian Police Force Deputy Commissioner Willy Bampton told the Namibia Press Agency on Saturday that police were searching for the plane in the Bwabwata National Park in the Kavango East region.

“We are trying to locate the plane, but so far we found nothing,” the agency quoted him as saying. Mozambican media – which quoted transport ministry officials as saying the plane was an Embraer SA 190 – said heavy rains had been described in the region when contact was lost. The flight left the Mozambican capital of Maputo at 1126 (0926 GMT) on Friday and was due to arrive in Luanda at 1400 local time.


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Android 4.4 KitKat now for Korean LG G2 : worldleaks

worldleaks android kitkat

The Android 4.4 KitKat update for the Korean unit has been finalized and is already seeding to the smartphone in its home market. If you live in Korea and you own an LG G2, the new firmware is already waiting for you to get it. You just need to use the official LG Update Tool on your computer instead of the over-the-air service on your phone.

A leaked roadmap of the French carrier SFR showed us the SFR users with LG G2 will be getting Android KitKat in November or December this year. There is still nothing official though, but December is upon us, so we guess the SFR G2 owners will get to experience the latest Android build soon enough.

Finally, the guys over Mobile Syrup have received some interesting information straight from LG Canada. According to their information, the Canadian G2 smartphones will be getting Android 4.4 KitKat in late Q1, 2014.

It seems the LG G2 around the world will be skipping Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and that’s not bad given that it has helped it get Android 4.4 KitKat so soon after its release.


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‘Numerous’ Casualties in Glasgow Pub Helicopter Crash : worldleaks

worldleaks copter crash

A police helicopter crashed into Glasgow pub, causing “numerous” casualties and leaving people trapped in the unstable building, officials said early Saturday.

Authorities said they had made contact with people still inside The Clutha pub in the city center. They said some people had been taken to hospitals but that it was too soon to give a number of injured. Witnesses spoke of people streaming out of the building covered in blood, with cuts and other injuries.

“Given an incident of this scale we must all prepare ourselves for the likelihood of fatalities,” Scotland’s leader, Alex Salmond, said on his official Twitter account.

Television images showed what seemed to be the helicopter’s propeller sticking out of the popular one-story pub’s roof.

The crash Friday at around 10:30 p.m. local time sent dozens of patrons fleeing through a cloud of dust.

It was unclear how many people were still inside, Asst. Chief Officer Lewis Ramsay with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service said. He said teams — including 125 firefighters on the scene — were working to stabilize the building and “get people out.”

A group of three — two police officers and a civilian pilot — were aboard the Eurocopter EC135 T2, according to Scottish police. Deputy Chief Constable Rose Fitzpatrick said it was too early to provide details on why the helicopter came down.

It “fell like a stone,” Gordon Smart, editor of the Scottish edition of the Sun newspaper, told Sky News. “There was no fireball and I did not hear an explosion. The engine seemed to be spluttering.”

Grace MacLean, who was inside the pub at the time, said she heard a “whoosh” noise and then saw smoke.

“The band were laughing, and we were all joking that the band had made the roof come down,”. “They carried on playing, and then it started to come down more, and someone started shouting, and then the whole pub just filled with dust. You couldn’t see anything, you couldn’t breathe.”

People formed a human chain to help pass unconscious people out of the pub so that “inch by inch, we could get the people out,” said Labour Party spokesman Jim Murphy, who was in the area..

“The helicopter was inside the pub. It’s a good deal. I could only get a yard or two inside. I helped carry people out,” Murphy told Sky News. “I saw a lot of people clambering out of the pub in the dust. No smoke, no fire, just a huge amount of dust.”

He called it “a horrible, horrible scene.”

Prime Minister David Cameron tweeted: “My thoughts are with everyone affected by the helicopter crash in Glasgow – and the emergency services working tonight.”


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