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The Pakistani military spreaded its first fleet of domestically grew drones on Monday.

The new Burraq and Shahpar drones will be utilized by Pakistan’s army and air force, the military said in a statement. It was unclear whether the aircraft are armed or unarmed, and military officials did not immediately react to a request for comment. Pakistan has struggled with a lack of precision munitions and advanced targeting technology, according to Pakistani military officials and civilians required in the domestic drone industry.

Even if Pakistan had the technology, the small drones it has developed would have difficultly carrying the kinds of missiles fired by the American aircraft.

The Pakistani drones also have much more fixed range than those grew by the United States. The announcement coincided with a move by the Pakistani police in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province to keep activists who were protesting against American drone strikes from blocking trucks carrying NATO troop supplies to and from Afghanistan.

The federal government has also criticized American drone strikes, but the actions by the police on Monday pointed that the government had decided to intervene to stop the NATO blockade in order to avert a dispute with the United States and other NATO countries.


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