70 per cent tweens admit to using Facebook, despite age limit : worldleaks

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McAfee’s report published recently, tweens (8-12 years) are online for nearly two hours a day and 45 per cent of online tweens browser the internet post-8 pm. The recent report, called Tweens & Technology Report 2013, reveals a few shocking trends in the internet intake habits of kids in the age group of 8-12 years.

McAfee’s Tweens & Technology Report 2013 is based on a survey carried across Indian online tweens comprising 572 male and 428 female respondents from Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Delhi.

There being an age limit on Facebook (13 years), about 70 per cent of the tweens are registered on the social networking sites. In addition, 79 per cent of Delhi tweens use Facebook. While Facebook is the most popular networking site amongst tweens (70 per cent), Skype (44 per cent) and Twitter (27 per cent) follow.

About 36 per cent of online tweens have chatted or talked with strangers (people they didn’t know before). One in three tweens would miss the internet and their phone if it was missing for a day.

While desktop is chose mainly for home work, tablets are dominant when it comes to sharing pictures and playing games. In terms of gaming, about 22 per cent tweens spend 2-4 hours every day on Xbox. Nine out of 10 tweens use mobile phones and tablets to play games.

While parental guidance plays an important role, many kids are exposed to the internet without much guidance. However, in terms of Facebook, 89 per cent parents are friends with their children on FB.


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