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French troops moved into the Central African Republic on Friday, hours after a Thursday vote by the U.N. authorized forces to try to stabilize the country.

The French forces will look to stem violence in the capital of Bangui, where nearly 100 people died in clashes between Christians and Muslims. The latest violence raised the U.N. vote allowing for the assistance of foreign forces.

French officials insist that their mission is limited to staying the violence in the capital and supporting an African force.

“You have to secure, you have to disarm,” French defense minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told Radio France Internationale. “You have to check that the vandals, the bandits, the militias know they can’t use the streets of Bangui for their battles.”

The U.K. military was also flying equipment to the country to help French troops on Friday, the Associated Press report.

Bangui’s streets were mostly deserted on Friday, the AP report and there was no repeat of the previous day’s bloodshed. The U.N. Security Council also voted to inflict an arms embargo on the country.

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