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worldleaks ATAR calculator

Thousands of HSC students, desperate to find out if they will get into university, have made the top ATAR calculator websites to crash.

The state’s school leavers got their subject results from 6am on Wednesday but have to wait until 9am on Thursday to get their Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR).

The ATAR is the most important result for many, as it finds whether they will gain entry to their chosen university course.

Online ATAR calculators estimate what that rank could be, based on the method used last year.

But, while students are warned the calculators are not accurate, thousands could not hold out the temptation.

All the ATAR calculator websites showing up highest on a Google search were displaying error messages at different times throughout the morning.

Talent 100, which has one of the most popular calculators, says more than 10,000 students accessed its website between 7am and 10.30am.

“Everyone just wants to know their ATAR results one day earlier,” the managing director, Eric Yu, said.

“Generally the ATAR calculator is some what accurate. Obviously it isn’t exact but in terms of getting a general idea it is very accurate.”

The Dux College ATAR calculator website crashed at 6.56am and was down for about two hours.

Hong Li from the company said as many as 6000 students were trying to access the tool when it crashed.

Scores of students expressed their frustrations and entertainment on social media throughout the morning.


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