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America sure loves a good bromance. When comedy BFFs Jimmy Fallon (host) and Justin Timberlake (musical guest) joined forces on Saturday Night Live, stars came out and viewers tuned in.

The surprise celebrity cameos included:

Paul McCartney, who looked in Fallon’s opening monologue after Fallon said the singer was stayed in traffic. “I was, but I took a CitiBike,” said McCartney before singing Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas with Fallon.

Madonna, who played herself on a sketch called “The Barry Gibb Show,” with Fallon as a hot-tempered Barry Gibb and Timberlake as a softspoken Robin Gibb. On the topic of politics, she said, “As long as as they don’t put their own personal ideology above doing the right thing, then there will be unity.” Fallon answered, “She’s reclaimed me like a wild horse,” and Timberlake added, “She is Madonna.”

The real Barry Gibb brought together Fallon and Timberlake to sing at the close of the Gibb talk show sketch. The three wore the same all-white three piece suits.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg joined Fallon and Seth Meyers on Weekend Update to talk about their big career changes in 2014. Said Bloomberg, who who’s finishing his final term in office this month, “I’ll be carrying out a lifelong dream of enjoying a small soda on a non-smoking beach.”

After the show, Jimmy Fallon tweeted, “Thank you Paul and Barry and Madonna. I almost can’t believe this tweet.”

In 56 cities for which Nielsen provides “overnight” ratings, SNL had the show’s biggest audience since January 2012. The show returns Jan. 18 with Drake.


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