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We know Miley Cyrus reflects you, the subject of her brooding ballad. But clearly, as per the song’s leaked and now just-released video, she adores herself.

For most of the 4½-minute clip, a soft-lit Miley is spinning under a white sheet. Cue earnest closeups, lots of licking and scratching and one night-vision video camera.

And think her flesh-colored underwear from the VMAs? It’s back — but sheer.

Cyrus appears to be enjoying herself real in Adore You, which was guessed to be released this morning. But she sure wasn’t happy when she found out someone else had posted it early. The video made its way online Wednesday, which led Cyrus to tweet the following on Christmas morning:

“We all know Smilers would expose another record if it wasn’t for the (expletive) face who leaked my video. Alllllll good! Keep smiling :)”

The foam finger from Cyrus’ operation at the MTV Video Music Awards in August may be gone, but Cyrus’ own fingers cover much of the same territory in the new clip. She finally alters from the skin-colored undies into a black mesh equip for a steamy bathtub scene.

Cyrus much has a hand-held camera with her, and many of the shots appear to come from that camera. The whole video seems to be such an exploration of selfie love that one can’t help but curiosity who Cyrus has in mind when she sings, “When you say I love you, know I love you more.”


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