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Garth Brooks is one of the best-selling artists of all time. One of the reasons that Brooks has related so well with audiences over the years is that fact that he puts his whole heart into his music. Brooks recently published a brand new single titled “The Call.” In true Garth Brooks fashion, the singer is opening up about the song and how it relates to a possible divorce between him and his wife Trisha Yearwood.

Garth Brooks is one lucky man. Between one of the most fortunate careers in music history, a loving family and a beautiful wife, Brooks has it all. However, he almost lost of those pieces in the early 2000s. Brooks’ newest single with his wife Trisha Yearwood is all about a rough patch that the couple went through, as he explained to Country Aircheck during a recent interview:

“It’s about that point in a relationship when you make the decision if what you have is worth fighting for, or is it just easier to call it ‘friends’ and live life from there. Everybody goes through this; Miss Yearwood and I were in the middle of it in 2002-03.”

It is that kind of stark honesty, mixed with the song’s barebones performance, that add so much heart and soul to the track. Brooks also spoke about the decision to not have a band behind them during the recording:

“We tried cutting this song with a full band but kept going back to the Wynn performance where it’s just like two people talking to each other. The echo-type piece in this is something I haven’t seen for ‘Mockingbird’ with James Taylor and Carly Simon. I love how unique this song sounds and when you bring it down to just two voices and a guitar, the conversation happens.”


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