Hackers attack Dota 2 and League of Legends servers in quest for 1 game livestreamer : worldleaks

worldleaks livestremer

Hackers obviously went after the servers of games that are being played by a particular Twitch livestream user named PhantomLord. Every time PhantomLord tried to play games like Dota 2, League of Legends, Club Penguin, and games entertained on publisher Blizzard’s Battle.net, the group known as DERP tried to take those servers down with spread denial of service attacks.

The hacks have been taking place as PhantomLord tries to play and stream the games, according to reports on Reddit and PhantomL0rd’s own Twitch stream. PhantomLord’s livestream is a popular channel on Twitch, which broadcasts live game sessions to large audiences. A DDoS attack can take a game down by flooding it with traffic.

The DERP Twitter account didn’t offer an explanation for why it was attacking PhantomLord, but whenever the group tweeted that it had directed a particular online game, PhantomLord reported that his game session had been knocked out.

At the moment, his League of Legends stream seems to be back up. Speaking on his Twitch channel, PhantomLord proclaimed, “First time I have ever been hacked. Everyone is trying to talk to me.”

Right now, the stream is drawing more than 118,000 viewers. Apparently, being hacked is still good for his traffic. A spokesman for Twitch said that the incident was isolated and wasn’t due to any security breach with Twitch.


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