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worldleaks French President Francois Hollande

Francois Hollande, 59, is threatening to sue the tabloid Closer for running seven pages of photos taken outside of Julie Gayet‘s apartment that supposedly prove that Francois — France’s president — and the 41-year-old actress are having an affair.

Yikes! While an affair has not been officially supported, Julie and Francois have definitely had interactions in the past — BBC News reports that the actress appeared in a promotional video for Francois’ presidential election campaign in 2012, in which she called him marvelous, humble, and “somebody who really listens.” However, Julie is married to Argentinian film director and script writer Santiago Amigorena and Francois has a long-time partner named Valerie Trierweiler, so their rumored relationship is arguable, to say the least.

Francois is now believing suing the publication, calling its report an “attack on the right to privacy.” However, he did not deny Closer‘s allegations, even though they said they would remove the feature from their website.

“Julie Gayet’s lawyer reached us to request we remove from the website all mention of this relationship,” said Laurence Pieau, editor of Closer. Laurence also observed that Closer has not been in contact with the presidential palace.

Francois Hollande & Julie Gayet: The Evidence

Rumors of Francois and Julie’s affair had been circling around for months before Closer issued their damning seven-page story, which purportedly proves that Francois regularly crashes at Julie’s apartment. There are several photos of the pair getting separately, and the mag even claims that the president’s bodyguard arrived the following morning with croissants.


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