Jared Leto admits just how hard he worked for his Golden Globe in bringing out acceptance speech : worldleaks

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It’s well known that he starved himself to lose 40lbs to portray transgender AIDS activist Rayon in the Dallas Buyers Club.

But as Jared Leto had his best supporting actor award at the Golden Globes he brought out that weight loss wasn’t his only preparation.

The Thirty Seconds To Mars singer also waxed off every bit of his body hair and eyebrows.

‘I’d like this chance to clear up a few things,’ the 42-year-old said while accepting his prestigious award.

‘I did not ever use any medicine in this film. That tiny little Brazilian bubble but was all mine.’

The Beverly Hilton ballroom broke out into laughter as Leto – who wore his rock star long locks pulled into a messy bun for the formal appearance – talked of his physical shift for the role of Rayon.

‘It was a very shift role, I had to do a lot of things to prepare. One of the things I did was wax my entire body adding my eyebrows,’ he shared.

‘I’m just fortunate that it wasn’t a period piece so I didn’t have to do a full Brazilian.

‘Ladies, you know what I’m talking about though…and so do some of you men, I think.’

Leto brought his brother, Shannon, as his date to the awards ceremony.

Eventhough he considers himself more a musician than an actor and hasn’t taken a film role in five years, Leto is known for never shirking when it comes to work.

When training up to play John Lennon assassin Mark David Chapman in Chapter 27, Leto earned 40 pounds for the role.

The movie, which co-starred his girlfriend at the time Lindsay Lohan, did poorly at the box office when it was released in 2007.

Leto wasn’t the only one to lose weight for the Dallas Buyers Club, a true story about a bunch of misfits with AIDS who had to break US laws in order to secretly buy life-saving anti-viral medication.

Matthew McConaughey, who won Best Actor in a Drama for his starring role in the same film, also dropped 40 pounds to play an AIDS patient.

Leto finished his speech on a serious note, however, saying, “This is unbelievable. I didn’t make a film for almost six years because I was pursuing other dreams and I just have to say it’s more than an honor to come back and have this love and support and I never expected it and never even dreamed of it.

“I want to thank my team for making this so fun and giving me this incredible life, and to the Rayons of the world, thanks for the inspiration.”


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