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Vine Star Curtis Lepore : On Trial for Allegedly Raping Vine Star Girlfriend : worldleaks

worldleaks vine star curtis

Vine megastar Curtis Lepore was in court Tuesday facing appoints of raping Vine star girlfriend Jessi Smiles while she was sleeping, TMZ has learned.

Law social control sources told usLepore was arrested in October — and released on $100,000 bail — but it flew under the radar.  During Tuesday’s finding out he pled not guilty.

Here’s the back story.  We’re told Jessi flew to see Curtis in L.A. last August but things didn’t go well and they broke up. Jessi stayed in L.A. and a few days later got a blow while shooting a Vine video.

Sources close to Jessi told TMZ … Curtis then called her and extended to help her while she was recovering.  The victim claims Curtis came over, Jessi fell asleep and that’s when he allegedly raped her

The day after the incident, Jessi tweeted, “Be careful of who you trust. Always be cautious for your safety. Be strong and don’t let your guard down…”

It’s pretty insane. Curtis and Jessi’s relationship was a HUGE deal in the Vine world — they initially got in touch via the social media platform last summer and afterwards met in person in NYC … in front of hundreds of their Vine fans.

Curtis’ lawyer tells TMZ, “Things are not always as they appear and there are two sides to every story.”

BTW told Jessi gave us permission to use her name.


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French President Francois Hollande & Julie Gayet Having An Affair : worldleaks

worldleaks French President Francois Hollande

Francois Hollande, 59, is threatening to sue the tabloid Closer for running seven pages of photos taken outside of Julie Gayet‘s apartment that supposedly prove that Francois — France’s president — and the 41-year-old actress are having an affair.

Yikes! While an affair has not been officially supported, Julie and Francois have definitely had interactions in the past — BBC News reports that the actress appeared in a promotional video for Francois’ presidential election campaign in 2012, in which she called him marvelous, humble, and “somebody who really listens.” However, Julie is married to Argentinian film director and script writer Santiago Amigorena and Francois has a long-time partner named Valerie Trierweiler, so their rumored relationship is arguable, to say the least.

Francois is now believing suing the publication, calling its report an “attack on the right to privacy.” However, he did not deny Closer‘s allegations, even though they said they would remove the feature from their website.

“Julie Gayet’s lawyer reached us to request we remove from the website all mention of this relationship,” said Laurence Pieau, editor of Closer. Laurence also observed that Closer has not been in contact with the presidential palace.

Francois Hollande & Julie Gayet: The Evidence

Rumors of Francois and Julie’s affair had been circling around for months before Closer issued their damning seven-page story, which purportedly proves that Francois regularly crashes at Julie’s apartment. There are several photos of the pair getting separately, and the mag even claims that the president’s bodyguard arrived the following morning with croissants.


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Missing Syrian nuns seem in video : worldleaks

worldleaks Missing Syrian nuns

A group of nuns who went missing in syria after Islamist fighters caught a Christian village this week have appeared in a video, saying they are in good health and denying that they had been kidnapped.

The nuns were taken after militants took over the ancient quarter of Maaloula, a Christian village north of Damascus, following heavy fighting with President Bashar al-Assad’s forces on Monday.

The fighters then moved the nuns from the Greek Orthodox monastery of Mar Thecla to the nearby town of Yabrud, according to the Vatican’s envoy to Syria.

In the video broadcast by Al Jazeera late on Friday, more than a dozen nuns wearing long black robes appeared sitting on couches around a room.

Asked by a man behind the camera if they had been kidnapped, one refused it and said they had only left the monastery to escape the shelling, and that they would be released after two days.

“We are being treated well. They brought us from the convent, out from under the shelling they delivered us, and we’re very happy with them,” another nun said.

It was not clear when or where the video was filmed or under what conditions the nuns were speaking.

On Friday, the pan-Arab Asharq al-Awsat newspaper published that a rebel group calling itself “Free Qalamoun” had claimed the kidnapping of the nuns and wanted to trade them for a thousand female detainees held by the government.

Syria’s Christian minority has mostly tried to keep on the sidelines of the civil war, which pits mostly Sunni Muslim rebels against Assad, who is from the minority Alawite sect, and his foreign Shiite allies.

But many have been altered by the ascendance of hardline Islamists among the rebels, including some factions linked to al-Qaida.


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